I have been a patient of Dr. Sullivan’s for the past several years. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in chiropractic matters. She uses a variety of methods to release tension in my neck and back to effectively relieve me of headaches and soreness. Dr. Sullivan is a skilled acupuncture practitioner and has helped me tremendously with acupuncture to lessen the symptoms of my Iliotibial Band Syndrome. I was a skeptic at first but the acupuncture treatments have made a tremendous improvement to my overall health. I would gladly recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone who is looking for a competent, qualified, and personable chiropractor.


Dr Sullivan always seems able to “Crack” me up.  Her constant needling provides much needed relief for my aching body.


I have been a patient of Dr. Sullivan’s for the better part of 4 years and in that time she has patched me up on a number of occasions.  Her ability to get to the root of the problem and treat areas that other physicians suggested surgery for has made me a firm believer in the skills that she possesses. Caring, compassionate, diligent & professional; no better hands could you be in.


I have known Dr. Sullivan for over a year now. When I was in need of help to manage my pain she was highly recommended by many people. I went to her at least once or twice a week for pain in my right leg. It was impossible to walk or do anything because of the severe pain. After only a few treatments I was thrilled to be almost pain free. I also suffered with painful spurs on the top of my left food. This was treated with accupuncture and I am mostly pain free. As a result, i would highly reccomend  Dr. Sullivan to anyone in need of pain relief. I really enjoyed my visits and was happy to be pain-free but missed my time each week to socialize. I suffer from Parkinsons Disease as well and will be there if I ever need further treatment.


I am a teacher and in my profession, there is a lot of marking tests and assignments and I often experience neck and back pain because of it. I have seen a few chiropractors but Dr. Sullivan is by far the best. She has the ability to put my mind at ease while making adjustments to my neck and back that alleviate my pain. I would recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone experiencing neck and back pain…she has helped me tremendously!


 I have been a patient of Dr. Karen Sullivan for just over a year. I have been waiting to get both knees replaced and as such when I walk it causes my back and hips to get out of alignment. When I went to her I was in a fair amount of pain and after a few treatments she was able to get this under control. With periodic adjustments my back has been pain free. Dr. Sullivan is not only a very competent Chiropractor but also someone who genuinely cares about her patient’s well being.